At Porvasal we have developed a wide range of products adapted to hospitals, schools and Residential homes.


In our search for improvement, we have developed the first bacteria-free plate in the market, thanks to the Bactiblock technology. Thanks to this innovative collaboration and research conducted with Nanobiomatters, Porvasal has created the first antibacterial plate in the market. The Bactiblock offer a long-lasting protection against any kind of bacteria.

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Characteristics of our products

  • Hardness

    chipping and impact.

  • Cooking

    double firing, biscuit at 950° C, vitrifying to 1400° C and processing a third firing at 1.200ºC if we add decorations

  • Zerp Porosity

    Prevents any residual waste from lefovers on the plates.

  • Warranty for use

    In microwave, conventional oven and dishwashers.

  • Stackable

    and easy to transport.

  • Lightweight

    allowing comfortable use.

  • Resistant

    to scratch and thermal shock cracking, withstanding temperatures of over 400ºC.

  • Polished

    base of all the pieces.

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