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Porcelain manufacturer, innovation, quality and design at the service of our customers

Porvasal is a Spanish company specialized in manufacturing porcelain tableware for the HORECA industry. We aspire to be a reference of quality and design in the manufacture of porcelain. A goal that we fulfill thanks to our extensive knowledge of this sector.
To achieve this, we have strived to have the best technology in the manufacturing process, which enables us to manufacture high quality pieces coupled with innovative design, and allow chefs to find a suitable solution to develop their creativity through the art of plating.

The art of plating in the first person
Pablo Margós
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Our porcelain is made ... ... by a double firing process at high temperature (1,400ºC vitrified process) giving our products greater scratch resistance, glaze durability and hardness, thus reducing the breakage rate and making it a high quality product.

Characteristics of our products

  • Double firing

    biscuit at 950°C, vitrifying at 1400°C and third firing at 1.200ºC if we add decorations.

  • Hardness

    to impact.

  • Edge chip warranty

    during 6 years. Check conditions with your official dealer.

  • Resistant

    to scratch and thermal shock cracking, withstanding temperatures over 400ºC.

  • Stackable

    and easy to transport.

  • Polished

    base of all the pieces.

  • Use Warranty

    on microwave, conventional oven and dishwasher.

  • Replacement warrenty

    of all our collections.

  • Fast customer service

    delivering orders within a very tight schedule.

  • Customization

    of all our collections.

As manufacturer, Porvasal offers the service of customizing your plates according to your needs. From the incorporation of a company logo to the theming of the pieces with corporate or even more specific customized colors. Any specialization is available to our customers.

Need to customize your dishes and give a touch of class to your kitchen?
PORVASAL is your Brand