Porcelain manufacture, innovation and quality design in the service of our customers

Porvasal SA is part of the PORCELINE group, specialized in manufacturing products for the HORECA industry through our Porvasal factory as well as Coffee Roasters products, (cups and saucers) which are manufactured at our INKERPOR factory in Croatia under the brand INKER.

Porvasal was created in the early ’90s, with the aspiration to be a reference of quality and design in the production of porcelain tableware for the HORECA industry.

To reach this goal, we have been investing in the most advanced technology machines, created original and unique products designs, planned an effective commercial policy and last but not least build on an excellent customer service. We guaranteed reduced delivery time and long-term stock.

Currently, Porvasal has a workforce of 149 and an annual production capacity of 8 million pieces. In the factory, the entire production process is controlled from the manufacturing of slip and glazes, to the classification and packing for delivery. All products are manufactured at our plant in Chiva (Valencia). Currently Porvasal is the only spanish manufacturer of high temperature porcelain tableware.

Quality and design in the service of the most demanding customers

Thanks to our long-term experience of working for all the sectors and groups, such as hotels, restaurants, catering and hospitals among others, Porvasal has provided plates adapted to all needs. Moreover, our catalogue offers a wide range of products that adapt to any market segment. These, along with good value and a constant commercial work ethic, allows Porvasal to have a wide presence in Spain and in more than 40 markets such as: México, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, France, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine, Canada, Taiwan, Israel, Japan and South Korea, among others.

Porvasal in numbers

100.000.000 Manufactured Pieces
8.000.000 Annual pieces
1400ºC Of cooking
650 Distribuidores
149 Employees
40 Export countries
26 Years experience


A key feature we need to highlight is the rigorous processes we follow in Porvasal to meet regulatory compliance for food use, both the ISO 9001 and the European standard EN 1184, March 1997 and 1217 December 1997 and Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004, highlighting compliance with regulations with respect to the solubility of lead and cadmium in ceramic containers according to the directive 84/500 / EEC and Directive 2005/31 / EC (RD 891/2006 and RD 1631/2011. To guarantee the quality of our product we use an independent prestigious external organization called the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC) Castellon, who verifies and certifies each year that we fulfill the quality standards required.

As manufacturers, we recommend a series of preventive measures to extend the life of the product. Two of our recommendations for use are:

  1. Use non-abrasive detergent to preserve the glaze at its optimum condition.
  2. Avoid thermal shock due to a sudden change in temperature, cooling to heating or vice versa.